onsdag 22 februari 2012

Couple of outfits+more ^__^

I wore this to valentines day i didn't do anything special thought. My valentine got his valentines gift later that week since we were seeing each other on whatevercon that weekend :-3

Did you make anything for your valentine?
I think i went a little overboard.. I bought a white box and handpainted everything with promarkers, i painted Stitch cause he really loves Stitch ; w ; And then i made dark chocolate truffle with marshmallows and liquorice/raspberry fudge
But he really liked it ;; u ;; so it made me really happy! *A*

I went to Whatevercon it was quite fun :---) it was a pirate and zombie themed convention so i tried to be a pirate ^__^
i tried to mix pirate lolita with sweet lolita and this was the outcome :--3

On the second day i wore a "ordinary" pirate lolita outfit :--) this is my first alice and the pirates dress it's so pretty ;; 33 ;; the hat i made myself to match with my outfit!

That was all for now thank you for looking ^__^

30 kommentarer:

  1. daaaww~ you are so cute! I love your valentines outfit <3

  2. lovelyyyyy >___< make me want to buy a pink wig! you are so sweet with pink like princess!!!

  3. this is incredibly cute >3< stunning outfits!

  4. Amazing outfits. I love how you be yourself <3
    And your hair is always pretty cool.


  5. Aw I wish you were my valentine! haha no that was a very cool present though :)
    And your outfits are divine as always.

  6. so adorable, all of your outfits are perfect!!

  7. Where did you get any of the clothes from in the third photograph, your outfit is just the cutest!!!

  8. Absolutely amazing photos! ♥

    ~ Kieli ~

  9. You look awesome! I love the hair!

  10. You are so cute again sweetie! I really love your new hair colour and your awesome outfits:>. The present looks so cute as well♥!
    Have a lovely day,

  11. Your Valentine present is just mad! I really love stuff like this too, but all I did was make some simple chocolates and buy a cute bag to stuff them in :p
    I admore your creativity and skill ^^

  12. I love your outfits, you always look so amazing! I like your new haircolor, it suits you very well.

    And this box is so pretty, you're so talented, how lucky your man should be!

  13. On first pic - is that your real hair ? :o
    love this colors <3

  14. I love love love the outfit on the 3rd picture. I saved it for inspiration if that's ok?


  15. You looks awesome in all your outfit, specially your mix (the second outfit) and the third :D
    Your hair looks great, I actually have the half part of top with my natural brown, and the rest red-orange-blond (my hair dyed great ¬¬) xD

  16. vart har du köpt sugar hearts t-shirt/blusen på alla hjärtans dags outfiten?

  17. That gift box is so lovely and thoughtful! He's a very lucky valentine! ^__^

  18. Guten morgen...! No...what's that in swedish... God morgon? :3 Haha I always mess up those two languages... Ok so I'm here to say I adore your style and hair and blogs♥ You keep me interested in pastel goth, although I do like more dark style~ keep it going on girl >:3

  19. Loved your hair and your outfits ^^

    Have a nice week -^^- !!!

  20. Too many Lovely pictures! You have gorgeous style and looks super Cute!!! :)


  21. It's amazing that you did everything in the gift yourself :)
    Great crafting skills and the phrase on the inside is just too cute :D

  22. Omg i love ur outfits,you are so cute :) i'm so inspired from you :)

  23. Aww, you look so pretty~ *o* I lvoe your pirate lolita outfit, so beautiful~ ♥

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  25. You're so cute! :)


  26. I really like your current haircolour ^.^ looks soo cute !

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