lördag 19 maj 2012

BIG outfit post (picture heavy)

Hi! Long time no post eh.. I have been really busy with school and making stuff for a flee market with a Japanese theme but here are my outfits for the last couple of months!

Just something comfy

Cozy schoolgirlish   
A outfit inspired by NEEKO  
I actually took a outfit picture with my camera for once haha.
Bitter sweet lolita coord.  
Fluffy haaaaaiir  
I was one hell of a schoolgirl  
(These pictures make me miss my "old" pastel hair haha ;; w ;;)
Creepy cute coord~  
Fairy kei girl  
Simple fairy kei girl  
Kind of a boring outfit XDD
Hurr durr i'm not serious with this coord i just feelt like trying out decora with a creepy/cute ish vibe XD
Another creepy cute coordinate!
I made this t-shirt at school! 
Cozy cat!
Fairy kei 

Simple outfit :3
Dream sky coord for a meeting with Simon   
School girl inspired coordinate  
Mixed so many patterns with this outfit XD
I love my jelly fish tshirt *3*
boy street style  
More fairy kei~
I wore this too a Emilie Autumn concert it was so good omg ;;;; w ;;;;;;
More creepy cute XD
hehe fake short hair 8---)
nothing special


Black and purple coord

i love bun hair styles *u*
Wore this for a wedding themed photoshot
Gyaru/gal ish?
Odango head
i think i have watched to much sailor moon lately XD
... Yeah too much sailor moon ò_ó 
boring -w-
Emi and me at the japanese flea market we twinned in melty chocolate^w^
i bought this liz lisa skirt at the japanese flea market :3
Got some new things in the mail  
I need more angelic pretty salopettes they are super comfy  
Simple and cozy love my Vivienne Westwood bag *__*
Haha i felt like wearing pastels but i ended up with this coord all black and white expect for the hair XD
kind of simple   
And that was all for now.. I will try to update more often from now on  
Bye cuties and thank you for still following me even if i lack with updates..