torsdag 23 augusti 2012

3 outfits and jewelry

First day of school i wore this pastel rainbow fairy kei coord :3
Second day of school i thought i looked kind of boring haha ; v ;'

Outfit for meeting up with Saga,Jözz and Marjela
Sadly Saga got sick so we couldn't hang out with her ; 3 ;

Not many outfits this time trying to update more often ^^

I'm working on my handmade jewelry for the upcoming japan flee market here in Sweden
Here is a little preview what i'm working on ♥

The roses with red paint are inspired by alice in wonderland :3
Made some earrings too :3
Also made these 2 bracelets one is Alice in wonderland inspired and the other.. i don’t know just felt like making eye roses XD
Alpaca ice cream * v *
Finished this alpaca ice cream necklace today ; v ;

And that was all for now bai bai~

fredag 17 augusti 2012

A little outfit post~

Hello! just a couple of outfits this time

Wore this when i went to the cinema with Jözz and Emma. We saw amazing spiderman ^_^
Went shopping with Emma, i get inspired by jellyfishes a lot they are just too cute.
Another outfit for shopping bought some things for cosplay :3
ok this was not actually  a outfit of mine but i tried this on while shopping xD and omg i kind of want it♥
My friend Sakura had a happy "un" birthday party with alice theme i decided to dress up as chesire cat :--)
the cake at the party was amazing!! so coool *o*
The next outfit i wore when i was going to the cinema with Daniel we saw abraham lincoln uhm it was a very special movie hahaha..
I wore this too meetup Simon! My newest dress, sugar hearts i have been craving it since angelic pretty released it! i'm really into their chiffon dresses ;u;
And last coord wore this to wave of Simon*sob* ;; n ;;
And that was all for now~ School starts next week so i will probably update more often :3
~Bai bai~